The Report

The main project of A World on the Move is a multimedia report that documents the life of freshly arrived migrants for a period of 4 years.

It gives migrants from all over the world a voice and shows their integration process. We follow them during the obstacles they face as newcomers (finding a job, finding an appartment, learning a new languages,….).

To better understand their aspirations and the situation that made them leave their home, A World on the Move also documents their life in their countries of origin. How was their life back home like ? What was their daily life there ? For these people, there were no other choice than leaving a country in which they suffered starvation, ethnical conflicts, economic crises, and so on.

This project wants all the people who are interested to join and participate. We will organize debates and conferences regularly to analyse each step of the film and give propositions for the next stages. Join us !