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A World on the Move / UN MONDE MIGRANT

1, Av. industrielle | 1227 Carouge (GE) | Suisse
Tel: +41 22 345 16 30  Natel: +41 76 288 49 00


“Un Monde Migrant” is a nonprofit organization governed by these statutes and secondarily by Articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. It is politically and denominationally neutral independent.

Article 2

The association is located in the Canton of Geneva. Its duration is unspecified. 


Article 3

The association pursues the following goals: Realization of audiovisual projects with socio-cultural themes Organization of screenings/debates in universities, cultural centers to raise public awareness of the issues of migration, exclusion, xenophobia. Sensitize the “indigenous” population to the challenges of the migratory phenomenon, and to break taboos and prejudices on the negative aspect of immigration. Participate with your equipment in any event concerning migration. Raise awareness among young people in developing countries and migrant pools of potential work opportunities, stimulate the development of their skills and contribute to their fulfillment in their own country.


Article 4

The resources of the association:

Donations and legacies

Sponsorship of public and private grants

Contributions paid by members

Any other resource authorized by the law


Article 5

Any persons who have demonstrated their commitment to the goals of the Association through their actions and commitments can be a member.

The association is composed of:

Founding member / Committee

Chair: Ms. Lena Edouard, rue Benjamin Franklin 7, 1201 Geneva

Vice-Chair: Mr. Fernas Karara, rue 1ier Juin, 1207 Geneva

Secretary: Mr. Jérôme Favre, Rue de la Gare 30 – 1197 Prangins

Treasurer: Ms. Yasmine Rockenfeller , Chemin Briquet 20, 1209 Geneva

Active members

Pacciani Agostino (Photojournalist, film maker)

Yasmine Rockenfeller (UN Humanitarian Affairs)

Carol Mann (Sociologist and anthropologist)

Waline Guillaume (Digital strategies consultant)

Sandra D’Urzo (Architect for the Federation of Red Cross and Red Red Crescent)

Paola Peruzzi (Linguistics Professor – University Center for Foreigners of Siena)

Afafe Ghechoua (Freelance journalist)

Fabio Pianigiani (Musician / Composer)

Matthias Brunner (Director Satiscan Llp)

Guilain Mathe DONOS (PhD in Political Science, University of Basel)


Scientific Council :

 Marco Giugni (Professor UNIGE, Dep. Political Science and International Relations) Matthias Brunner (Director of Satiscan Sàrl, study design and data analysis)

Denise Efionayi-Mäder (sociologist, co-director of the WSF – University of Neuchâtel) Elisa Banfi (UNIGE- Institute for Social and Political Research, RESOP)

 Carol Mann (Anthropologist and Sociologist)

Guilain Mathe (PhD in political science DONOS, University of Basel)

Dr. Jean-Claude Métraux, (Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, UNIL, Social and Political Sciences)



Article 6

The organs of the association are: The General Assembly and The Committee

General Assembly

Article 7

The General Assembly is composed of all members. It meets once a year in ordinary session. It may also meet in extraordinary session whenever necessary at the request of the Committee or 1/5th of the members. The General Assembly is validly constituted regardless of the number of members present.

Article 8

The General Assembly:

Takes note of the reports and financial statements and approval voting

Approves the annual budget

Control the activity of other organs that may be revoked for good cause

Fix the amount of annual contributions

Decide on any amendment to the article

Decide on the dissolution of the association.

Article 9

The General Assembly is chaired by the president of the association.

Article 10

Decisions of the General Assembly are taken by a simple majority vote of the members present. In case of a tie, the chairman counts double. Decisions relating to the modification of the statutes and the dissolution of the association can not be taken by a majority of two thirds of the members present.

Article 11

The voting is by hand raised

Article 12

The agenda of the Annual General Meeting called ordinary, necessarily includes:

Approval of the last General Assembly

The Committee’s report on the activities of the association during the period

Reports cash and auditing

Fixing of the contributions

Election of Committee members

Individual proposals.


Article 13

The Committeeto can make all the acts which refer to the goal of association. It has the  powers to manage current affairs.

Article 14

The Committee consists of at least two members elected by the General Assembly. The term of the office is of 1 year renewable.

Article 16

The Committee shall:

Take appropriate measures to achieve the goal

Convene ordinary meetings and extraordinary

Make decisions regarding admission and resignation of members, and their possible exclusion

To ensure the implementation of statutes, regulations and prepare to administer the assets of the association.

These statutes were adopted by the Constituent General Assembly of 09 May 2012 in Carouge.