This project is born from many years of worldwide photoreportage and from portraying people and human interest stories across the globe. More specifically, a “World on the Move” project initiated by from a personal reflection, that could apply to many others: “My mother came from Sicily,  but she never lived there. My family lived in Tuscany, and I have lived three quarters of my life abroad.My partner was born in the Netherlands, but she lived in Belgium, then in Italy, France, Switzerland…Most of my friends and people around me are not autochthones, instead they come from far away …Ultimately, we are all Migrants.”

Agostino Pacciani, photographer, film-maker


In order to better understand migration, A world on the Move develops several projects with the aim to break taboos concerning migrants. For example, we propose a report that documents the life of newcomers during a period of 4 years, but also a questionnary that will maybe show you that you belong to this world on the move too ! Other projects are debates, conferences and discussion forums

Dans le but d’engager une véritable réflexion sur ce sujet nous proposons également des enquêtes sociologiques, des plateformes de discussions, des débats et des conférences.