Founding member / Committee :


  • Chair : Ms. Lena Edouard,
  • Vice-Chair: Mr. Fernas Karara,
  • Secretare : Mr.  Jérôme Favre
  • Treasurer: Ms. Yasmine Rockenfeller


Active members :

  • Agostino Pacciani (Photojournalist, film maker)
  • Yasmine Rockenfeller (Humanitarian Affairs for the UN )
  • Guillaume Waline (Digital strategy consultant)
  • Sandra D’Urzo (Architect for the Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent)
  • Paola Peruzzi (Professor of Centro Linguistique at the University for Foreigners of Siena )
  • Afafe Ghechoua (Freelance journalist)
  • Fabio Pianigiani (Musician / Composer )
  • Matthias Brunner (Director of Satiscan Sarl )
  • Clément K’draon (Director of Satiscan Sarl)


Conseil scientifique :

  • Marco Giugni ( Professor UNIGE, Dep. Political Science and International Relations )
  • Matthias Brunner ( Director of Satiscan Sàrl, study design and data analysis )
  • Denise Efionayi-Mäder (sociologist, co-director of the WSF – University of Neuchâte)
  • Elisa Banfi (UNIGE- Institute for Social and Political Research, RESOP)
  • Carol Mann (Anthropologist and Sociologist – Sorbonne Paris 8)
  • Guilain Mathe (PhD in political science DONOS, University of Basel)
  • Dr. Jean-Claude Métraux, (Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, UNIL, Social and Political Sciences)