Financial support for projects



Public partners

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation  – Financial support

City of Geneva – Financial support. Support for realization of events around the project

Geneva Canton – Support in principle and possible contribution.

University of Geneva – Organization of meetings and conferences to present our support. Prof. Giugni: scientific expertise and Elisa Banfi: scientific collaborator. Survey development, studies and  results  interpretation by his students.

Saint-Gervais Theater – In partnership with this “creative center” we will produce an audio-visual exhibition in 2016. Meanwhile other events are already linked our association to this place of culture, photo exhibitions, seminars…

University of Lausanne – scientific expertise for the questionnaire development “Calculate your migrant ratio!

Geneva University Hospital (HUG) – Use of our ressources for didactic and pedagogical purpose of its medical staff.

Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies, a research and training institute at  the University of Neuchatel  (UNINE) – Scientific expertise with Denise Efionayi-Mäder (sociologist, co-director of FSM) and his team, whose the main areas of research are: Migration movements, Refugees and asylum seekers, Integration , Racism and discrimination, Demography



Appartenances  and Mozaik Center (Language assistance base in Lausanne, with more than 80 translators) – logistical support, use and diffusion of our ressources.

Camarada (Reception and training center for migrant women)

Co-Habiter – Use and  diffusion of our ressources.

Pluriel (psychotherapists association) – use of our ressources for didactic and pedagogical purpose for its staff.

Swiss Protestant Center (Provide legal support to migrants) –  Use of our ressources for their lawyers and experts.

Swiss Red Cross (Fribourg) –  Use and diffusion of our ressources on the Freibourgese territory.

Amnesty International – Use of our ressources for their advocacy of public opinion on the immigration issue.

Droit de Rester – Support in monitoring one / several characters.

Rosaid – Use of our ressources.

EPER – Use of our ressources

Adem – Use of our ressources for their meetings and musical events.

SOS Ticino – Logistical support in their canton.

CARITAS – support in monitoring and implementation.

NOUS AUTRES. (Dr. Jean-Claude Métraux), use of our ressources during the psychotherapists trainings. Dr. Métraux underlined his need to have periodic meetings between associations, researchers and all people who are working  or are simply interested about development and migration issue.

The Rose Foundation – Support in monitoring one or more persons; use of our ressources.

Great Lakes Peace Initiative Center (GLPIC) Guilain MATHE M.PhD DONOS Political Science, University of Basel – Scientific expertise about  the academics immigration.

Private support

Covalence SA – support in principle.

Satiscan sàrl  – logistical support, creation of the website and of the questionnarie