Rama: from Fushë Kosovë to Switzerland

Rama is a Kosovar asylum seeker of origin askali arrived in Switzerland in 2013 who fights not to be returned to the country. Because of his wife’s psychic conditions their dismissal was suspended. We go to his home country, especially the suburb of Pristina where the minorities live, to show the reality that pushes and forces people to migrate.
Back on the existence of our Kosovar family. Many things have changed after 5 years, but other dreams are yet to come.


A Kosovar asylum seeker who lives with his family in Geneva Tilleuls centre and who fights not to be returned. His wife attempted suicide and the expulsion procedure stopped. He’s now waiting…


The life and fate of three housewives. Three different stories, but which share the same desire for a better future.


A Congolese man, threatened in his country for his reports about human rights, he was forced into exile. His residence permit in Switzerland as doctorand will soon expire.

Claudio: Argentina, to stay or to leave

In 2013 we met Claudio, a young Argentinian who recently arrived in Switzerland in the hope of improving his living conditions. We have followed it in its daily life. Why can a 30 year old young man decide to leave his own country, apparently rich in resources and with great potential? So we went to look for the causes in Argentina. Today, 5 years after our first meeting, what has changed in the life of Claudio and his family in Switzerland? Did his sacrifice bear fruit?

DRC: the Kivu

A journey through the Kivu region, in DRC, back to Guilain’s homeland. From Bukavu, South Kivu’s capital to Goma, travelling by boat through the astonishing Kivu lake. The documentary witnesses testimonies of women victims of rape, young hopeless students, children living on streets along with and those who enlisted in the militia. It shows the harsh living conditions of displaced people, the appalling work in the mines and the energy and the desperate search for change.

KOSOVO: Kosovo Polje – Fushë Kosova

A 15 years later the country seems to have healed, supported by the diaspora and the international community. But that did not stop the country becoming one of Europe’s largest “reservoir of migrants”. Trapped in between were the vulnerable population, the minorities: Roma, Ashkali, Egyptians.